• Why is my information listed?

    We provide an online directory service that allows people to connect with loved ones, friends, and family that they may have lost touch with in the past but wish to reconnect with.

  • How can I tell if my profile was removed?

    Try clicking on the link to your profile. If you receive an error message, the profile was removed.

  • My profile was removed but it’s back now. What happened?

    We do remove profiles completely based on your request; however, we may receive a different data set with a slightly profile in the future, which would cause it to be re-published.

  • Where do you receive your information?

    We receive our information from a variety of publicly available information sources, such as voter registration records, as well as third-party data suppliers who may have purchased your information from sources with whom you shared information.

  • Why is my information still appearing on Google searches?

    It does take Google some time to drop the cached version of the site. This can take anywhere from several days to several months. If you click on the link and receive an error, the profile was indeed removed. Once Google re-indexes the site, the information will no longer appear in the search results.